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'Payroll 2006' is a System which suites for most business organizations to process their monthly payroll. This system is able to process permanent employee salaries and contract based employee fees.


  • Single application can handle payroll details of multiple Organizational Units. e.g. If it's a large organization with subsidiaries, all subsidiary company payroll information can be handled with a single system.
  • Employees can be grouped to different locations, depending on the geographical location they work. e.g. If an organization has different branches or departments, the pay slips can be easily distributed to the correct location.
  • The salary calculations are done automatically. e.g. ETF, EPF & SRL
  • Multiple loans per employee can be processed.
  • Fast data entry of Salaries by utilizing only the keyboard.
  • Security and confidentially of information. Without having a valid authentication to the system, access is restricted. Even having a valid authentication, depending on the users role in the organization, certain parts/functions of the system can be restricted.
  • The reports generated can be exported to different other electronic formats.
  •  Coin Analysis
  • Reports for tax purposes (T10 / T9)

Screen Shots

Salary entry for employees

Contract Fees

Employee loans

Pay Slip