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Sentinel HL

Below is a guide line on how to use the Hardware Locks on your Visual Studio development environment.

Initial Setup

When you purchase a Sentinel Hardware Lock for the first time, you will receive a Master Key which includes your Vendor ID. The master key have to be included in the Sentinel Entitlement Management System.

From the EMS, the license have to be copied to the user key.

EMS - Burn Key

Visual Studio 2012 - Sentinel HL APIs

Create a simple Project in Visual Studio. Once the initial project is created, copy the "hasp_net_windows.dll" to the same project folder from the below location:

C:\Users\<UserName>\Documents\SafeNet\Sentinel LDK 7.0\API\Runtime\DotNet

Above directory is created once the Master Key is installed on your computer.

Include the copied file as a reference for the project. Compile the project and note the output path. From the above source path, copy the below two files to the compiled path:

  • apidsp_windows.dll
  • hasp_windows_<vendor_code>.dll

Use the Sentinel LDK Toolbox to generate the required APIs. In this we can select the programming language. i.e. VB.Net or C#. Copy the generated code from the Toolbox to Visual Studio.

With this, you can test whether the application is working. Below is the example which I have tested in C#. The VB.Net version also worked in the same manner:

HL Test

If you have any comments on this, please contact me on Happy programming.




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